1 in 3 experience racism or discrimination

Over half of the people that responded to a survey thought that racism and discrimination in football had increased over the last five years.

The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Football Forum (BFF), has released a report that found over three quarters of respondents had witnessed or experienced racism or discrimination in football in the last 12 months.

In many cases, at a grassroots level, the abuse is targeted at children and young people, as respondents told the forum that they felt vulnerable and indefensible on the football pitch, and believed that it is a feeling that should not be taken likely.

The report ‘ItsNotFair, Grassroots Experiences of Racism’, launched at the start of the grassroots season, captures a snapshot of views and lived experiences of racism and discrimination. As part of the recommendations from the report, the forum is calling for greater BAME representation at board level, open processes to monitor clubs and players who commit racial abuse, and for the Local FA to develop new tougher sanctions to clubs and players that are found guilty of racial abuse including a recommendation that clubs have their Chartered Standard Kite mark reviewed.


“We are missing something fundamental on the issue of safeguarding young people from adult abuse in football. More needs to be done when an adult verbally and racially abuses a child from the sidelines of the pitch, or even attempts to physically harm them. And it’s not just grassroots, the system is failing BAME communities at all levels. If we turn to the professional game, employees (players) are being continually racially abused at work, with little or no guarantee that it will not happen again or for the rest of their employment as a player. Is this what our young players have to look forward to?”