Support growing across the Midlands as GAD Khalsa Sports Club in Derby show their support for the BAME Football Forum

The BAME Football Form has the support from community grassroots football club as ourselves as we advocate the inclusion of young people in football. We also expect those young people to have access to an efficient process in the event of reported discrimination.

It must go beyond email correspondence and lengthy waiting times. The football industry has a moral and legal duty for safeguarding young people at grassroots and must have effective procedures in place under the recommendations and advice of campaigning groups and from parents and families of all backgrounds.

GAD Khalsa Sports Club Derby is supportive of all efforts made by groups or organisations who have the intention and foresight to protect and safeguard young people’s rights. Football is not only a sport but it becomes an extension of a young person’s life. To be discriminated against at any stage of the sport from participating in games to applying for jobs should be a non-discriminatory equal process. It cannot be that a young person from a BAME background experiences indirect or direct discrimination, or face barriers whereby they do not have the same chances as every other person.

As a generational grassroots football club, we welcome anti-discrimination policies, campaigns, and re-education. Anti-racism education can only have a beneficial message and effect if it is delivered consistently by all levels of the football industry within the U.K.

The BAME Football Forum event in October 2019 was an opportunity for individuals and groups to have their experiences shared openly and to find a new way of re-educating and more importantly of protecting young people. BAME communities will not be passively observing the ineffective policies that are currently in place which do not safeguard our young people. BAME communities require clarity with regards to the process of reported complaints as the current system is not efficient enough.

GAD Khalsa Sports Club